Book Review: Think Like a Man by JD Shapiro


Publication date: June 27th, 2019

Published by: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

Pages: 217



Source: Printed Review Copy


This book gives away secrets, the secret desires of men and how any woman can use what a man needs in order to get what she wants. Political correctness aside, this book is a MANual that will show you how to operate a man in a way he will LOVE and LOVE YOU for doing so.

For the first time ever, you have that tool within the pages of this book. All you need to do is read it and act upon it.


First of all, I wish to thank Janice from the Austin Macauley Publishers for sending me this book and especially for taking the troubles to send me a printed copy. I am deeply thankful for your kindness. 

Now, how could I begin talking about this book? I had such a wonderful time reading every word of it (I read it in about two days while doing house chores). I laughed so hard at times when JD explained how the man’s mind works. He gives real-life examples of awkward situations, some are his own, other of people he knows. Reading this I felt like I was reading someone’s blog written in an amusing way however educating. There’s no better way of talking about a quite serious subject than adding a comedy tone to it. 

Also, this book is not only for women. Is for men as well, or for the “six men reading [this book]” as JD kept saying throughout it. We, women, might like to talk about everything and anything, but men don’t like to talk about soft subjects. What JD tries here is to make them understand that it is ok to act soft at times. Women should not be the only ones carrying the burdens in their relationships.

Men plant the seed. Women need to be strong enough to incubate the baby, birth the baby, fed the baby and eventually, marry a big baby. 

Think Like a Man – Pag. 56 – Almost certainly my favorite phrase. 

Probably my favorite thing about this book is the quality of the paper and the large printing. I don’t know about you and you might find this foolish but I appreciate a book that is printed on paper that feels good at the touch and which is not so thin that it could break at any moment. Below is an image to see what I am talking about. 


However, on another note, JD babbles so much and keeps repeating some things over and over again, so that was a downer for the book. The first quarter of the book is mostly his explanations about what to expect from this book which I personally feel is too much. But otherwise, everything about it is worth spending the time reading it. In the end, we end up understanding our opposite genre better. I would definitely think twice before acting up or saying something to a man I care about. 

Thank you, JD, for spending so much time writing this book and doing your researches. You’ve definitely done a great job here and every woman should find this book entertaining. 

Rating: img_1328


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