Why It’s Important Reviewing That Book You Just Read?

Lately, I had no time for reviewing any of the books I read over the last few months and I start feeling bad for it. Well, to be honest, when I could have a little time to write it down, I feel like all my energy is gone and I can’t even think of how to say what I feel about the book. About that book. And that’s bad. I know. I finally realized it! But, I’ll change it. It’s time to get myself together and write at least the highlights of each book. My highlights.

As you already saw, when I write a review or a recommendation about a book, I like to add as many details as possible. From the title, author and publication date to my rating and where you can order it. So all these researches take time. Well, not weeks but more than 10 minutes in which I write my own feelings about it. And, I think, this is the main reason why I’ve been so quiet here lately. And because I am working on my own piece of writing right now and I don’t want to spend any time left with reviewing.

But, starting today, this will stop. I will review that book, even though I won’t do it the usual way. I will write only about my thoughts. The other details would be your job to do.

How I got to this conclusion? Writing, I start having all these questions: would people read my book? Would they write something about it? Not necessarily a review on Amazon or Goodreads, but anywhere here on media? Or on the radio, will they talk about it? Also, there are so many people reading books but never writing a review about it. Would that happen to me?

And I realized I don’t want that for my story. I don’t want someone’s thoughts about it to remain unknown. I want people to tell me and everyone else where they think I did good, and where I did wrong.

It is important to show that you appreciate someone’s work. Even though you didn’t like that book so much, it’s alright to say it. But make sure to say something. You don’t have too much to say about it? That’s alright. You can write: ‘This book is brilliant!’, ‘This book kept me up three nights.’, ‘I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.’, ‘I found it boring at a point.’.

Write anything you have to say, show to that writer you read it. They are looking forward to it.

So, from now on, I will do it. I have like 20 reviews scheduled and I indent to write at least once a day. Long or short, it’s not important. The fact that I will write it down and the writer will see it, it’s what matters.

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2 thoughts on “Why It’s Important Reviewing That Book You Just Read?

  1. You have a good point–sharing any feelings about a book helps. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to write a review, but I try to always write a bit of a blurb after I read a book on Goodreads. I think any conversation about a book is good for the author because it means their book is being read a talked about.

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  2. I agree completely! That’s why I usually end up reviewing every book I read. The only exceptions for me is books I don’t finish reading (because it’s hard to write your thoughts down about a book when you haven’t completed it) or if I want to write a review on a book, but too much time has passed so I’d have to reread it in order to be able to accurately write my thoughts down.

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