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Hi everyone and Happy New Year! 

Unfortunately, I am a bit late this year with all my reviews and recommendations, but I hope I’ll get everything done in two weeks time. 

In the meantime, I came with a recommendation and a giveaway for the same book. The giveaway is taking place on my Instagram account @awesomeBooksToday, so if you are not following it yet, make sure you will, or if you don’t have an account, this is your chance to create one.  

Title: Tricks of the Trade

Author: Euan B. Pollock

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Stewart Scott is a first-year trainee in one of Edinburgh’s biggest law firms. Out of his depth, he is constantly working just to stay in the game and match the talents of the other first-year trainees. But a chance to shine comes Stewart’s way when he is given the opportunity to partake in an investigation.

A client of the firm has recently died. The deceased, Major Robertson, left a substantial estate, and the terms of his will stipulated that his considerable wealth will go to his family – unless the Major died by suicide, whereupon his estate will be donated to a charity. And the conclusion, thus far, has been suicide.

Heading up the investigation into Major’s death is Sebastian Dakar, practicing Zen
master and the most unlikely detective that Stewart could imagine. But upon their arrival at Major’s family home, Stewart begins to realize that perhaps the case of the Major isn’t as cut and dried as first thought.

Who is Euan B. Pollock?

– Euan B. Pollock is a pseudonym for a former criminal prosecutor both in Scotland and at the international for several years. He is a new author writing murder-mysteries in the classic style while enjoying the nice weather of Northern Spain. 

You can follow him on Facebook and on his personal website

Bellow, you can find a few words by Euan. 

I’ve always loved writing, and apparently (according to my mother), I’ve been writing about mysteries (and later murders) from a young age. I’ve been a lawyer for the past eight years, and it’s a bit like storytelling as well. You’re trying to convince people of your story, rather than the story the other side is telling. 
But writing a novel, I’ve found, is both a challenging and exhilarating process. It is tough to write 75-odd thousand words that tell a story which is both comprehensive and never drags; which says what you want it to say, and nothing more; which is both entertaining and challenging. So I thought I’d share the best bit of advice I was ever given (which, oddly enough, wasn’t to do with a book but rather with a legal motion)
Finish it. Just finish it. 
There are plenty of hard parts in writing a book, the grind to get through – when a scene doesn’t work, or when a massive rewrite needs to take place, or you suddenly think ‘this is nonsense, no-one’s going to believe this’. Just push on past it, and get the first draft in place. It does wonders for your confidence, and more importantly, with the whole thing done, no matter how roughly, suddenly you have something finished. Yes, it needs polished. Yes, it may even need new bits added on, other bits chipped off. But it’s changed from an unfinished process with an impossible number of futures into something much more solid.
Anyway, that’s the best bit of advice I’ve had, and it applies very well (for me at least) to novel writing. 
I hope you enjoy Tricks of the Trade, and in any case, happy reading!

So, make sure you go to my Instagram account and check the giveaway. You’ll enjoy this book and many years from now you’ll say: ‘I was one of the first to read that awesome book!!!’ 

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