Book Review: Caveman Principles, by Carl Rosier-Jones


Title: Get rid of everyday stress and enjoy mammoth success

Author: Carl Rosier – Jones

Pages: 288

ISBN: 978-1910819395

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What has this book got to go with paleoanthropology? The short answer is ‘not one tiny bit’. But it has everything to do with stress, communication, and change, especially for the modern Caveman.

We all live busy, stressful lives but fortunately we all possess the ability to shape and mould our future. The only person who holds ‘us’ back, is ourselves. We can blame others, our boss, our wife/husband or even the kids but ultimately we are the only person who can change our lives.

I developed The Caveman Principles to make my own life better and I know that they will help you as well.

The book has been written to share my Caveman theories in an easy to read guide. You can follow them and improve your own life. You have the power to make the choice, to want better relationships, manage change easily and more importantly reduce your own stress. I hope you embrace the Caveman Principles and find them useful.


Over the time, I read a few books that aren’t Thrillers or Crime, books I came along while I was at the bookstore or on the internet, the place where we all find most of the books. 

A few months ago, Carl Rosier-Jones asked me if I would be interested in reading his book, and I was because otherwise, I wouldn’t write about it now. Honestly, I read the book in just a few hours, because it’s really that easy to read. He wrote it as a conversation between him and us, the readers, and that’s something that makes it special. It’s as if I was talking with him, about my everyday stress and how to deal with it. 

Carl Rosier-Jones wrote this book after he had a conversation with some of his friends and realized that his idea of how to deal with your stress was working. So, he decided to tell the world his secret. And I am happy he did it. 

I enjoyed reading it, I’ve learned a few tricks which I intend to use at the right time. 

Thank you, Carl, for your book and keep doing it. People need this kind of books and, I will always enjoy reading it. 

Rating: img_1328

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