The Flats: A Liz Boyle mystery, by Kate Birdsall


Publication date: October 17, 2017

Published by: Red Adept Publishing

Pages: Approx 250

Genre: Mystery, Crime

Order here

ISBN: 978-1-940215-98-3


Detective Liz Boyle knows there is no crime more heinous than the murder of a child. When she and her partner, Tom Goran, are called to a new scene in an area of Cleveland known as The Flats, they find that a killer has taken that to new levels. As the investigation takes them deeper into the city’s seedy underbelly, the case hits frighteningly close to home when someone Liz loves is added to the list of possible suspects. While fighting her personal demons, she must also pick her way around the department bureaucracy to avoid being pulled from the case. Liz and Tom will need to solve the most mind-bending mystery of their careers, one in which their personal and professional allegiances— and maybe their sanity—will be tested. But Liz vows to bring the killer to justice at any cost.

About the Author

Birdsall, who grew up just south of Cleveland in Akron, Ohio, is excited to bring what she calls “hard-boiled Midwestern noir” to her readers because she harbors a hesitant affinity for Rust Belt grit. She’s an existentialist who writes both short and long fiction, and she plays a variety of loud instruments. She teaches writing at Michigan State University and lives nearby in Michigan’s capital city with her partner and at least one too many four-legged creatures.

“I’m lucky to be able to tell the Liz Boyle stories and to work with this press. Getting this book published was a long haul, and I’m thrilled that Red Adept Publishing picked it up. Being a part of their impressive group of authors is a dream come true for me”

Birdsall said. 

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