10 Books To Be Read this Autumn #1

Hi everyone! 

I was thinking to make a top 10 books I want to read this Autumn and share it with you. But, while I was writing it, I realized that I have more than 10 books on my list so I guess that I will end up in writing more tops on this topic. So keep up an eye on my page. 

Also, I should make a small update on my life and tell you why I  haven’t posted any reviews lately. It’s because I am working on my own piece of art right now (haha, yes) so I haven’t read too much lately. But, I do listen to some audio books while walking to the store or work. So, I have some reviews coming up these days. 

  1. Origin, Dan Brown

Top 10 #1

2.   Cast Iron, Peter May


3. The Stolen Marriage, Diane Chamberlain


4. Far From the Three, Robin Benway


5. Dunbar, Edward St. Aubyn


6. The Last Ballad, Wiley Cash


7. The Hunt For Winter, K.C. Cowan & Sara Cole


8. Lighthouse, SKRO


9. The Girl Who Takes An Eye for An Eye, David Lagercrantz


10. Sleeping Beauties, Stephen King and Owen King


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4 thoughts on “10 Books To Be Read this Autumn #1

  1. I saw Dan Brown on the BBC news this morning, and thought Origin is along the lines of what I’ve been studying and writing about the last decade, culminating with XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.
    Brown has of course been writing about it for a long time, and I the Da Vinci Code was a bestseller at the start of my creative writing career.
    Nice list, and happy reading…


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