Book review: Deadman’s Tome – Monsters Exist

Authors:  Calvin Demmer, Christopher Powers, Gary Buller, John Palisano, LEO X. ROBERTSON, M.R. Tapia, Mr. Deadman, Philip Kleaver, S. E. Casey, S. J. Budd, Sylvia Mann, Theresa Braun, Wallace Boothill, and William Marchese

Publication date: July 1st, 2017

Pages: 215


From the time we are young, we fear the monster under the bed or in the closet, making it impossible to sleep without a nightlight. Then, we hear stories of Bigfoot, and maybe even the Mothman around campfires. When we are adults, we wonder if there might actually be supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows. Are these tall tales and urban legends only metaphors for what horrific things humanity is capable of-or do monsters exist? Go to some terrifying places with this cast of authors. You will be dragged into mystifying realities where demonic fairies hide, where devil monkeys lure carnival-goers to their demise, where Goatmen seek to destroy their prey, and where the goddess of death puts out a hit on victims of her choice. These shocking tales will have you biting your nails and locating that childhood nightlight. Because, in the end, we all know monsters do exist.


Firstly, I wish to thank Theresa Braun for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I know it is a little bit strange to see so many names at the Author row so I will explain it. The book is written by all of them. Each one wrote a story about a monster’s tale. For example, Theresa Braun wrote about The Legend Trippers, Gary Buller about Wicked Congregation, Calvin Demmer wrote Never Sleep Again, and so on.

Usually, I don’t read this kind of books, about tales but when I saw the description I thought that I could give it a try. I have mixed feelings about it. I loved the fact that is so easy to read, with easy words even though is written by so many people. What I didn’t enjoy that much are the stories itself. Some were really interesting and kept my attention (like the ones I named above) but others weren’t.

So, to be honest, I quite struggled to finish it.

Obviously, this is my opinion and that doesn’t mean that the book isn’t good. It means just that it isn’t my genre. I am sure that there are others who will find this book awesome. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good tale and here you’ll find a bunch of tales. I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to read it. Maybe, one day, I will re-read it and I’ll find it more appealing to me. Who knows?!

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