Book Review: The Sleep And The Death, by A.J. Kazinski

Publication Date: 2012

Translations: 2013 – Romanian, Spanish

There isn’t an English translation yet ( I apologize for reviewing a book that many of you won’t have the chance to read it right away, but please take this as a recommendation to keep an eye on this book. )

Pages: 608


The cops negotiator at the police in Copenhagen, Niels Bentzon, should have talked her out of it. Talked to her from killing herself this summer night at Dybbølsbro. But he did not get it. And there she lies. The middle of the shine with his head shattered and a cryptic message written on the hand. Who is she and what made her jump out of the bridge? Somebody or something was after her – something that made her choose death for life.

Soon Niels Bentzon claims that the woman was not mentally ill, but a solo dancer at The Royal Ballet, which has been lost for two days. Autopsy shows that she has been drowned and revived just before she jumped from the bridge.


A.J. Kasinzki is the pseudonym for two writers, Anders Rønnow Klarlund şi Jakob Weineich. The Last Good Man is the first book in series, followed by The Sleep and The Death. Even though the books are part of a series, it can be read in aleatory order. I read this book years ago, but I can remember that I didn’t even realize that there is another book published before this one. To be honest, I just found out, when I was trying to find the information for the English translation. 

I read the book a few years ago. I bought it from Romania, so mine is translated in Romanian. And I have to say that is one of the best books that I’ve read at that time. Niels Bentzon, a policeman who’s negotiation techniques has never fail, is sent to rescue a young woman from suicide. She’s naked on a bridge and even though Bentzon is the best at negotiation, she jumps, killing herself. At this point, everything changes. Niels starts to doubt his aptitudes as a cop, his life as a man and lover. 

During the investigation, he finds out that the young woman was a ballerina at The Royal Theatre, and that she’s been missing for the last two days. Then is discovered that she was drowned and resuscitated with a few hours before she jumped off the bridge.  If you are a fan of Dan Brown, you will love this book. 

The main idea of the book is what happens to our soul after death. I am sure that you heard about at least one case in which one person has died and brought back to life, and soon after that she/he is starting saying stories about what she/he saw while being dead. Also, there are references to Platon’s Phaeton, about the soul being immortal. All these things kept me so hooked up on this book. I remember I read it in less than 24hrs. (I was in high school at that time, so spending nights reading or watching movies was a normal thing for me. I would love to be able to do that now but staying up late is a dream haha)

There are also talking about anamnesis, about the fact that everything we are discovering in life since we are born, is just a reminder of something that we already knew. 

I could tell you so much more about this book but I want you to discover it. I know there isn’t yet an English translation but I am sure that soon will be. Also, if you understand Romanian, Spanish or Danish, this is your occasion to read a good book. 

Rating: Stars 5/5

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