Book review: Reflections, by Clifton Kenny 

Publication date: September 2015. Self-published 

Pages: 263


A humble youth. A paranormal gift. A haunting history. In 1974, Shane Sullivan is a quiet, gangly teen in the suburbs of Boston who discovers he can explore the ancestral memories of a person’s lineage. Confused and frightened, his pursuit of this supernatural ability takes him down a dark and unexpected road of history long forgotten —or rewritten by historians.

With the aid of his two friends, Jimmer and Paige, he contemplates a more ruthless version of the reality he thought he knew. Shane finds himself on a shocking journey into a celestial world of truth that puts him face-to-face with his own destiny.Filled with ghostly, historical discoveries of good versus evil, Reflections is a faithful, mystical tale about one teen’s unique coming of age.


First, I wish to thank Clifton Kenny for sending me his book, on a paperback copy, to read and review it. I received the book right in time for my short holiday that I had two weekends ago. 

I love to read on the plane and while I wait for the departure in the airport. So I read the first third of the book at my departure and then, I totally forgot about the book while I’ve spent the time with friends and family. And that was a good thing because, at my return home, my first flight has been delayed so I lost my connection flight. I had to book a ticket on another flight, spend the night in the airport and thanks to this book, the time has been bearable. 

The first thing I have in mind about this book is that they could make a TV Series based on it and it could be more famous than The Vampire Diaries. 

To be honest, when I start reading it, I was a bit skeptical about it. The story is about a boy which learns that has psychic abilities, his struggle to deal with it, to learn more about it and about his family’s history. 
It was quite interesting for me to read a book about teenagers. The timetable of the story is somewhere in the past, which is totally understandable why the kids are left at home without an adult around to keep an eye on them, while their parents are working double shifts. There aren’t mobile phones which make the communication between them harder. So a lot of freedom for teenagers. 

Reading this book has made me remember of my high-school ( which I hated at that time) and my primary and secondary school. I felt like I was a kid again and forget about the problems for as long as I was reading the book. This is another reason why I enjoyed this book. 

But now I must say what I didn’t like. The way how the old people used to talk. There are some conversations between Shane and his or other people’s ancestors. Nowadays the words are more clear, and we all know that in the past, people had a different way of talking, which for us is difficult to understand. Well, for me is even more difficult because English isn’t my mother tongue. So, I had some difficulties at this part of the book. But that doesn’t mean that the book isn’t good. Obviously, I understand why the author has chosen to write some dialogues this way, to be able to place us at that period of time he wanted us to be. For example, back in 1700 or 1800. 

And even though I had difficulties there, I enjoyed the idea of it. Because I was able to understand how people used to talk back then. I hope that what I am trying to say here make sense. 

On the other order of ideas, I hope that there will be a sequel to this book. Or a TV Series based on it. I would just love it. 

Rate: 8/10

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10 thoughts on “Book review: Reflections, by Clifton Kenny 

  1. I’d like to say first, from reading this review, I cannot tell that English isn’t your native tongue. It is very well written, and it sheds a positive light on the book. When a book allows you to connect on a personal level, such as you remembering your school days, your whole experience as the reader tends to be enhanced. Thank you for your insightful review. I enjoyed it.

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