Room – Emma Donoghue – Theatre Show Review


I am sure that many of you have heard of or read Emma Donoghue’s book, Room. If you haven’t, you can read my review for the book here. I read it a few years ago so you can imagine that when I saw that there will be a theatre show based on the book, I knew I have to see it. The show is running at The Abbey Theatre, in Dublin, Ireland, between 24 June – 22 July. The book has been adapted on stage by Emma Donoghue and directed by Cora Bissett.

I know that I write book reviews, but because this is a book adapted on stage, and I saw it, I had to write this article. Kinda make sense, don’t you think?!


Harison Wilding, Darmani Eboji, Taye Kassim Junaid-Evans – Little Jack 

Fela Lufadeju – Big Jack

Witney white – Ma

Liam McKenna – Old Nick

Janet Kumah – Policeman/ Interviewer

Lucy Tregear – Grandma

Stephen Casey – Grandpa/Doctor

34609839035_958ac2448c_n Ma, Little Jack and Big Jack

I went to see the show on 1st July, with my sister and her husband. I meant to write this article/review for two weeks already (I know, I know, sometimes I am so lazy). But you still have one week left to go and see the show. 

So, I went to the show so damn excited about it and, honestly, I had high expectations. And, to my surprise, the show was more awesome than I thought. I loved Ma’s character and Witney White was so good at sending all the emotions that Emma Donoghue wanted us to feel. There were also Little Jack and Big Jack, which together made me (almost) cry. Also, I must say, that the ending was spectacular. I’ve never ever felt in my life that emotion, sadness and happiness at the same time. Everything about this show screams EMOTIONS. 

Two weeks after I saw the show, I had the courage to ask Witney White to sign my copy of the book, which I bought especially for this show because I read the book years ago and I don’t have the copy anymore. So was so nice and wrote such lovely words for me. Thank you, Witney, for this!

I don’t want to be a spoiler about the show so I will tell you only this: Go to the show. It’s awesome. 

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