Book review: One Among Us, by Paige Dearth

Possibly Spoiler

Publication date: 12 December 2014

Pages: 630


The young woman trolls streets littered with trash and seedy people, scanning for a buyer. You watch intently as she bends down to talk to a man who pulled his car up to the curb where she’s waiting. You wonder how she got there and how she can do what she does. Suddenly, she notices you wantching hee. All she wants is to be like you because she’s long since forgotten who she is. 

She barely resembles to a rwal person. She’s convinced that there is no way out and that she faces a bleak future. She can’t imagine anyone wanting to help her, and she’s too confised and ashamed to help herself. She is, after all, a prostitute. Just look beyond the skimpy, tattered clothes and worn-out, high-heeled shoes, and you’ll recognize a person no different than you are. She was taken from her family and forced to sell her body. 

Now do you view her differently? You know you should help her because underneath all the makeup and shabby clothing, there is an unwilling participant who is just looking for someone to give her a small sing of hope. 

Do something, because hope matters. 

Paige Dearth


I decided to start this review with the first page from the book, instead of the description, as I usually do. I felt that the first page has a bigger impact on us, the readers, than any other book description. 

To be honest, I don’t even know how to start this review. So, first I wish to thank Paige Dearth for sending me her book. It was a pleasure to read it and now I wish to read all her books and for her to never stop writing. 

Before I continue, I want to say one thing about Paige. For me, she is the female version of Stieg Larsson. He is on my top list with the favorite writers and then is Camilla Läckberg. To this moment, Paige Dearth won the third place and, somehow I fear, in a good way, that after I will read her other books, she will take the place of one of the above writers. Most likely Camilla’s. Sorry, Camilla for that. 

Anyway, I love everything about One Among Us! Usually, the writers want you to feel one or two emotions, but Paige made me feel all the emotions in the world. I felt sorry and powerless about Maggie’s and others kids destiny, I felt sad when Sam and Cali died. I felt pain when Seth died( sorry for the spoiler but I had to say it) – I cried. I felt happiness when Maggie reunited with her family. I felt hate toward the awful men who died all the unspeakable things to the kids. You must read this book and you’ll understand what I am saying here. 

I also made this habit to read before sleep, so must of the nights I had dreams about those children’s faith. And I don’t complain about it. What I am trying to say is that this book describes the reality of the prostitution, child abduction, and sex trafficking. A reality that most of us don’t know it because no one talks too much about it. When you hear the news that a child has been abducted, they say how he/she was dressed when was last seen and where to call if you have any information. The same applies for the prostitution. Not so many pieces of information given. Or maybe I am wrong and I am living in a cocoon and I don’t hear too much about it.
But Paige described everything in the tiniest detail. Which, for me was the great thing that ever happened. Why? Because now I am aware of the reality and I couldn’t be more grateful to Paige for it. Enough with this subject.

Back to the book itself. I loved how easy to read is. There are no sophisticated words, but there are many vulgar words and swearing. So no one with the age under 18 is allowed to read it. 

Is easily understood that the description is very well made. 

I recommend this book to everyone as I consider it as a wake-up call for each of us who doesn’t know the reality behind the sex trafficking and prostitution. Also, I must say that most of the book is really dark, with awful things described, but the ending is worth reading. I cried of happiness and I couldn’t wish for another ending. 

I’ve learned so many things reading One Among Us. I’ve learned to be grateful for the tiniest and unimportant things I have, to respect everyone around me and to never judge someone just because I see something that doesn’t appeal to me. Life is full of unknown reasons why somebody does what they do, and if we don’t try to understand their reasons and to help them, we don’t have the right to judge. 

P.S. I must add the fact that I love the cover!! 

Rate: 10/10!!! Congratulations Paige Dearth! Your book won the title for The Best Book I read in 2017

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