Urcelia Teixeira – Interview – Little Darling


I wish to thank Urcelia for giving me the opportunity to interview him and to read her debut book, Little Darling. I really enjoyed reading her book,  which I recommend to everyone! You can read it in just a few hours or in two, three night before sleep.

Below is the Q&A and with blue, I added some comments where I felt the need to. 

1. What’s the story behind this book? 

It’s really simple actually. I’ve always enjoyed reading. Especially mysteries and good old whodunit books. But, being a mom of 3 very busy boys and co-owner of a business, I don’t have much time at all to read, especially uninterrupted, and I found utterly frustrated every time I had to go back a chapter (or two!) just to catch up on who’s who in the book again. 

I was looking for books to read on a weekend, on the beach and in my lunch hour but that provided me with enough curiosity and clean, no swearing and no erotic romance. (I’m a good girl at heart ) 

To be honest, I am so happy to hear that you don’t intend to write erotic romance( I hope that I didn’t get this wrong). I am not a fan of this genre and I really want to read your next books as now I want to know more about each character’s life. 

So I decided to write my own! 🙂

2. I saw that there will be a sequel to this book, named Constantine’s Secret. Is going to be as short as Little Darling or you intend to write a much longer novel? 

As mentioned earlier,  this was my first book ever written so it was certainly a tester of sorts. I’m halfway through Constantine’s Secret as I type this and have already exceeded Little Darling’s pages and I haven’t even started the mystery part!  I guess going forward, with experience the short answer is yes. 

PS: with you wanting Little Darling to be longer I’m assuming I hit the mark in that you wanted more? That’s good news for me, isn’t it? Hence the birth of Constantine’s Secret! 🙂 

Well, I don’t think that I wanted more, because this way you made me wish to read your next book( hehe, good for you), but certainly I love big books. So I wouldn’t mind if the next one would be twice the size of Little Darling’s. 

3. This is one of the questions I ask all writers: How hard it was for you to finish it? Did you get to that point where you would think ‘ I can’t do it! I’ll stop because no one will read it’?

No never. Not once. It was fairly easy actually as I literally woke up at 3 am one night with the storyline in my head. It just bubbled onto the pages and evolved as I went along. I wrote this book for myself only. To please myself and to prove that I could do it. Though I appreciate reviews and critique, I don’t allow it to affect me. I’m finding it much harder to write Constantine’s Secret actually because I’m building off of an existing storyline whilst trying to create a new one. 

4. Is there a story behind your characters? I mean, are they inspired by real people? 

To a certain degree yes. I had specific characteristics in mind for all of them and then tried to find closest matches online.  Constantine, for example, is likened to Sophia Loren and Alessandro to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the sexy guy in The Good Wife drama. 

I’ve never watched The Good Wife drama but here’s a reason for me to do it. 

5. Do you have any advice for people out there who wish to write a book? 

Just sit down and do it! Do it for yourself only. Not to please others. 

6. Tell us some of your favorite writers. 

I love Santa Montefiore books and Lucinda Riley, a bit of Linda La Plante (have to be in the mood for heavy crime though) 

7. What do you think that makes a good story? 

It all depends really what mood you’re in, doesn’t it? I mean take yourself for example. You would have not read Little Darling normally but you said it came at the right time. It’s kind of like picking a film to watch. Sometimes I’m in the mood for slapstick comedy and other times a Drama. So what makes a good story? The reader! 

I didn’t expect to get this answer so you surprised me. But now that I am thinking about it, you could have not been more right!

8. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book? 

 What surprised me most was that it felt like I was actually reading a book instead of writing a book. I cried when Constantine died, I felt the butterflies when Carina met Alessandro and all the rest of the emotions that I was trying to evoke through my writing. And then probably one of the most fulfilling things ever was the sense of achievement once it published and the sales started coming in 🙂 

Reading it, I learned to never ever waste any more time on things that don’t make me happy. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you and what you could miss at this moment, while you are chasing illusions in the wrong place. 

According to Amazon.Com:

Urcelia writes light, uncomplicated, easy to read Mystery Novels with a generous sprinkle of Romance that leaves you wishing for more.
Married with three busy boys, she lives in South Africa and enjoys the simple pleasures of life.
Her love for writing comes from getting lost in her own head, creating fantasy worlds of her choosing.
A practicing Business owner and Realtor by occupation, she escapes the daily demands by conjuring mysteries and romance from the mundane.

Her debut novel, Little Darling, was published on Amazon Worldwide and received 183 downloads in 48 hours with her readers begging her for a sequel.

You can order the book here and also, you can subscribe to her newsletter here.


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