Book review: #4 Until Thy Wrath Be Past, Asa Larsson

Swedish Title: Till dess din vrede upphör

Publication date: 2008

English Translation: 2011

Pages: 256


Wilma Persson and Simon Kyrö are murdered while diving by an air plane in Vittangijärvi lake. What kind of old secret might they have stumbled upon? And who is this person who is prepared to kill to stop it from becoming public knowledge?

A murder investigation begins as police inspector Anna-Maria Mella is threatened, and prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson is visited by the dead.


Asa Larsson ends Rebecka Martisson’s series with the best book. The old phrase ‘Keep the best to the end’ is true. If she didn’t convince me with her first book (read the review here), she definitely did a good job with this one.  

I will tell you a little bit what this book is about. Rebecka’s amorous life takes a new turn but even so, she decided to stay in her childhood small town. She takes a job as a prosecutor and, from time to time, she makes a team with Anna- Maria Mella. When Wilma’s body turns out after six months from her disappearance, Rebecka makes a team with  Anna-Maria and her colleagues to find her missing boyfriend and their killer. 

I loved that she altered between reality and something that I will call ‘after death’. From time to time, Larsson entertains us with Wilma’s thoughts and feelings after her death.  

The settings are just awesome. The winter landscape that she describes is just lovely. 

The characters are better than ever. Rebecka has worked her way through the worst of her neuroses.  Anna-Maria and her colleague,  Sven-Erik, are having a hard time working together after their last big case.  

The story is heartbreaking, uplifting and breathtaking.



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