Bookshelf update

Hi everyone!

Because I didn’t post anything in a while, I was thinking to write a small update about my bookshelf and life. Haha. I’ve been so lazy when it came to reading lately. I haven’t read anything in the last few weeks, but I did listen to two audio books. And I also start to draw again. This is an old passion of mine.

Last year I started reading Jo Nesbo’s books, Harry Hole Series precisely. I read The bat, but then I stopped because I wasn’t so fond of it. 

Two weeks ago, I found this audio recording on YouTube with Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo. I listen to it while driving, cleaning, cooking or drawing and I finished it in just two days. 

Afterward, I listen to The Redbreast, the third book in Henry Hole Series which is my favorite of this series by far. 

Obviously, each visit to the library ended up with me buying at least one book. 

Below is a list of my new books:

Gone, Lisa Gardiner 

The Boy Beneath, Susan Stairs

Want to Know A Secret, Sue Moorcroft

The Missing Wife, Sheila O’Flanagan

Midwinter Sacrifice, Mons Kallentoft

The Diabolic, S.J. Kincaid

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

I also received Black Widow, Chris Brookmyre as a gift.

And, I also came across a few books which are mostly fantasy( I am not a fan of this genre but lately I found myself interested in it) and because are quite a few, and aren’t paperback, I will post a screenshot of my ‘virtual library’. 

Thank you for reading my post! And don’t forget: 

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