Pil Pil ’cause I like how it sounds

A few months ago I went for the first time to a new restaurant, new for me of course. 

At Antipasti I had Gambas Pil Pil which were some peeled tiger prawns in a sizzling sauce of garlic, chili, and olive oil. 

Omg! The taste of it! Wonderful! The sauce was quite spicy for me but I enjoyed it anyway!


Next, I had something called Pollo Valdostana. It was Chicken fillet marinated in lemon juice, chili, and extra virgin olive oil. They added some boiled carrots and green beans, baked potatoes and under the chicken fillet was some smashed potatoes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish everything that was on the plate was I have to give to this dish a well deserved 4*. 


These days I will write what I had the second time that I was in that restaurant. 

Now I feel that I am hungry and my mouth is like a huge waterfall. 


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