#1. Eve, by Anna Carey


Originally published: 2011

Pages: 336

Product details:

Where do you go when nowhere is safe?

Sixteen years after a deadly virus wiped out most of Earth’s population, the world is a perilous place. Eighteen-year-old Eve has never been beyond the heavily guarded perimeter of her school, where she and two hundred other orphaned girls have been promised a future as the teachers and artists of the New America. But the night before graduation, Eve learns the shocking truth about her school’s real purpose—and the horrifying fate that awaits her.

Fleeing the only home she’s ever known, Eve sets off on a long, treacherous journey, searching for a place she can survive. Along the way she encounters Arden, her former rival from school, and Caleb, a rough, rebellious boy living in the wild. Separated from men her whole life, Eve has been taught to fear them, but Caleb slowly wins her trust . . . and her heart. He promises to protect her, but when soldiers begin hunting them, Eve must choose between true love and her life.


I’ve read this book a few years ago but I hope that I will remember the important details and what I really felt about it. I remembered about the book a few days ago when I was reorganizing my book stock( I don’t have yet a proper library and I keep all the books in some huge boxes under the bed. Not so awesome, right? Ha ha) and I saw that I have the second book from Eve’s series which was still unread at that time. I’ve read that too by now, but I will write about it in my next post. 

Mainly, the book is all about a deadly virus and about how people’s life has changed. It’s a little bit fantastic, which was and still is something new for me. I am not a fan of this genre but there is always a good idea to read something different, right?

I remember that at that time, I loved the book. I found it very interesting and the main idea, Eve’s struggle to survive was incredible. She was taken from home and locked in a School where she learned how to be an independent woman and how to not trust men. But before the graduation’s day, a young teacher tells her that after the graduation she will be locked in another building where she will be used to conceive children for The City, where the King is building the New America. With her help, Eve escapes. 

Soon she will meet Calen, a young man who’s on running too, and whom she will fall in love with. Because the King’s men are following them, they think that Eve is suppose to marry the King. The book ends with their separation, Eve being taken in by a women’s shelter. 

Overall the book is goodish. Eve is a strong young woman who has to do whatever it takes to survive. But, what I didn’t like so much is how fast she and Caleb had fallen one for each other. Too easily, too fast, without starting to know each other better. Each character is different and interesting and that is something that increased the points that I gave to this book. I would have like it to be a little more interesting with more actions or suspense, but I guess that the author didn’t feel like me.

Did you read this book? If not, you could give it a try.

P.S.: I love the cover!!!

Rate: 7/10


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