Snowed, by Maria Alexander


Publication date: November 2nd, 2016

Pages: 259

Product details:

Charity Jones is a 16-year-old engineering genius who’s much-bullied for being biracial and a skeptic at her conservative school in Oak County, California. Everything changes when Charity’s social worker mother brings home a sweet teen runaway named Aidan to foster for the holidays. Matched in every way, Charity and Aidan quickly fall in love. But it seems he’s not the only new arrival: Charity soon finds the brutally slain corpse of her worst bully and she gets hard, haunting evidence that the killer is stalking Oak County. As she and her Skeptics Club investigate this death and others, they find at every turn the mystery only grows darker and more deadly. One thing’s for certain: there’s a bloody battle coming this holiday season that will change their lives – and human history – forever.

Will they be ready?


I don’t know how to start this because once again I don’t know what I really feel about this book.
I will try to talk about the book itself and I will write along what I felt about it.

The main character of this story is Charity Jones, a young girl who is bullied in school by others because she is different. By others, I mean all the usual bullies, cheerleaders, and the jock types. She is an intelligent girl with a natural talent for science and engineering. Her life is treating her really bad, but everything starts to change when her family takes in as a foster child, a runaway, named Aidan. Soon, they will fall in love. And this is something that quite annoyed me. How Charity would say that she won’t be able to live without Aidan, or how she can’t breathe if he isn’t around. I know that this is supposed to be a love between two teenagers, but I personally think that is too much.

Anyway, the perfect Christmas time is destroyed by the discovery of a body of Charity’s worst bully behind the bleachers, savaged and torn apart. The authorities will suspect it as an animal attack, but Charity is sure that the true is another. She, with her friend’s help, will start a mission of finding the murderer.

The story or the overall idea is good, but I felt and I still feel that something is missing. The book is really easy to read, the characters are well described, but what annoyed me again was the fact that all the adults seemed to be busy with all the Christmas preparation or with planning their holiday, and none seemed to care about all the troubles around them. And the ‘fantastic group’, as I want to name Charity and her friends, is the only one who is capable of doing something right or finding the murderer. I didn’t enjoy this so much. I mean, I get that she is special and skilled but finding the murderer is an adult job, not theirs. Even her name I think that is too much.

Overall, is a quite good book, and I recommend it. Is another type of Christmas story, and I am sure that others will enjoy it more that I did.

Rate: 7/10


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