The Truth About Julia, Anna Schaffner


Publication date: April 1, 2016

Pages: 290

Product details:

Had Julia been seduced and corrupted by someone? Was she simply evil? Had her character been spoiled and damaged by bad parenting? Or was there a cold, perhaps even sociopathic streak in her personality?

In June 2014, Julia White – a beautiful and intelligent young woman – blows up a coffee shop in central London, killing twenty-four people before turning herself into the police. Apart from publishing a potentially ironic manifesto, she refuses to explain the reasons for her actions…Clare Hardenberg, an investigative journalist, has been commissioned to write a biography of Julia but at the start of the novel she is on her way to prison herself. What has brought her to this point?


I’ve received this book for Christmas and I’ve been looking forward reading it. And the time has come. And now I don’t know where to start.

 This book left me speechless, but not necessary in a good way. I’ve expected it to be a better book, I don’t know. 

The book is easy to read, with characters who appear in line, each one after the other. Each character is very good described, physically and psychically. 

The book is written as a long letter from Clare Hardenberg to George Cohen, her publisher, and ex-lover. She is currently locked in prison for something that she did but she isn’t yet prepared to talk about it. So instead she will tell him about Julia White, a young lady who blew up a coffee shop in central London. Soon after the incident, Clare decided to write a book about who Julia really is, the thing that will end her in prison. So to do that, Clare had to talk with some relatives and friends of Julia, who will provide her different faces of Julia.

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The first person who accepts to talk with her is Anna, Julia’s youngest sister. She describes Julia as being the nicest person in the world word, who always took good care of her until she fell in love and started to keep the distance. Anna was fascinated about her sister and about her beliefs, about her power to succeed everything. She, as everybody else, says that after Julia goes on a trip in Europe which last for one year, she returned as a different person, mean and heartless. 

Julia’s brother, Jonathan describes her as been the meanest person he ever met. They never had a good relationship and Julia had always tried to make him feel awful. 

Julia’s parents describe her differently as well. Her father still thinks of her, ever after the attack, as the most beautiful, intelligent and nicest person. Her mother contradicted him, saying that is only his fault that she ended up like this because he spoiled her too much. 

Clare talked with one of Julia’s university colleague who describes her as being an intelligent and beautiful person but soon after she met a guy, she forgot about their friendship. 

Julia’s ex, with whom she went on the trip, says that she was indeed a good person, who cared about the poor people and their fate, but then something happened with her in Guacamole and she became a different person. 



So which one says the truth? What is the truth about Julia? You will find out only reading this book. Even if I feel that something is missing, I still recommend it to everyone. Is easy to read and worth it giving a try. Even my dog found it interesting enough to take a look. 

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Rate: 7/10

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