#4 The Gallows Bird/The Stranger, Camilla Lackberg

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Swedish: Olycksfågeln

Originally publication: 2006

Translation date: March 2011 ( English)

Pages: 378

Product details: 

A local woman is killed in a tragic car crash, but it isn’t a clear-cut drunk driving case. The victim’s blood contains high alcohol levels, but she rarely drank a drop. Meanwhile, a reality television show begins shooting in the town, and as cameras shadow the stars’ every move, tempers start to flare. When a party ends with an unpopular contestant’s murder, all eyes turn to the cast and crew―could there be a murderer among them? The ratings spike as the country tunes in to a real-life murder mystery. Detective Patrik Hedstrom finds himself increasingly unable to focus on the strange circumstances of the first case, but what if that holds the key to a series of other unsolved cases across Sweden? Under the unforgiving media spotlight, Patrik tackles his toughest investigation yet.


The book number four from The Fjallbacka Series comes with a different story to tell about this small town. Anna, after killed her husband who abused her physically all their marriage, she ended up living with her sister and her soon to be, brother-in-law, as Erika and Patrick decided that is time to make things more official. She is dealing with some sort of depression which will make things harder for everybody. 

Marit Kaspersen, a divorced woman, currently involved in a relationship with another woman named Kirsten and mother of a fifteen-years-old girl named Sofie, is found dead as a result of a car accident. The preliminary investigation shows that the cause of the accident was drunken driving but after the coroner takes a better look at the dead body, they know that they are dealing once again with a murder. 

In the meantime, a TV show is filmed in town. All the participants are dealing with all sort of problems and one of them is found dead. A girl was killed and her body disposed in a bin. 

The book alternates between past and present, which will make it even more interesting. 

During the investigation that Patrick and his team has to do for both of the crimes, they will find out that the crimes are connected with other crimes from all over the country. They will also connect it with a car accident in 1969  when a drunk driver hit a car with a woman accompanied by two kids. Making all the connections, the outcome is unimaginable and awesome. You have to read this book.


I read this book translated in Romanian ( I am Romanian living in Ireland, so from time to time, i get the chance to read a book in my mother language) but because I am so in love with Camilla’s work, I am seriously thinking to get the English copy as well.

In ‘The Stonecutter‘, Martin, Patrick’s colleague, fell in love with a woman he met during an investigation. Now, he gave the news to everyone that he will soon become a father. 

Mellberg is madly in love with Anne-Mary, find out that she left him and took all his money.

Eventually, Anna managed to go over her husband’s dead, and fell in love with Dan, Erika’s ex.

Seems that everybody is happy and madly in love except Mellberg right? Haha poor Mellberg.

But, there is also the last paragraph…

Where is this small garment coming from? Why is there blood on it? And why did mother kept it in a box, in the attic, next to a medal from World War II?

For a moment, Erika  thought to put everything back in the box and close it. 

But, as Pandora, she was way too curious about it to just leave the lid on the top of the box. She has to find the truth. No matter which is it.  

I loved each word, each comma and each phrase. And I am sure you will all do the same.

I enjoyed the story and the relationship between Hanna and Lars Kruse. So many secrets and untold things.  

Rate: 10/10




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