CHOCOLATE by Dom Ramsey

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Full title: CHOCOLATE – Indulge the Inner Chocoholic – Become a bean-to-bar expert

Publication date: September 2016


I received this book two days ago as a Christmas present and I was the happiest person alive. I am a chocolate lover or a chocoholic as the book will name it, so you can imagine why I was so happy. I am also a Crime Book Lover but that is not something I want to talk about now.

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In this book you will find everything that you need or you don’t need to know about Chocolate. From the beginning of it in tree form to the very loved chocolate bar. You’ll find all the process in this book. You will also find some recipes. 


Did you know that chocolate was consumed as a bitter, spiced drink for thousands of year until the chocolate bar took the stage in mid-1800s ?

Now another revolution is taking shape and it’s called Craft Chocolate MovementWhat is this? I’ll tell you. By this movement, craft chocolate makers wants to bring a renewed emphasis on the quality, flavour and sustainability of cocoa beans. They wants to promote the respect for the whole process of making chocolate.


To be honest, before reading this book, I used to go to the shop, buy a chocolate and eat it. I never ever thought about the process of making that chocolate I just eat. But now I know it and I wish to try to do it myself one day. I am not much of a ‘chef girl’, but I love food quite much, maybe as much as I love books, and I love to cook things that I like the most; for example, pastas. So definitely I have to try to make that chocolate bar I now crave for. 

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Did you know that the Cocoa Tree originated in the Rainforests of The Amazon Basin?

Or that the J.F.Fry & Sons introduced the world’s first chocolate bar in the mid 19th century?

What about  the Aztecs along with Mokaya, Olmecs and Mayans believed that cocoa was a divine food from the gods and used it in religious ceremonies?

Well you will find lots of interesting things and facts in this book and it is an awesome gift for someone who can’t check a day to this life without eating some chocolate. 

I was, I am and I will always be excited about this awesome gift. I learned so many things about something that I love.

Rate: 10/10

Merry Christmas everyone!

The end!

I hope you liked my review and you will come back for the next ones!



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