Royal sex, by Roger Powell 

Originally published : 2010

Product details :

Exposes the amazing story of how key English aristocratic families supplied the British royal family mistresses over several generations to secure influence at court.

Royal Sex show how a certain number of key aristocratic families appear to have cornered the market in providing British monarchs with mistresses over successive centuries. The present Duchess of Cornwall is a prime example, her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel was a mistress of Edward VII, as the Duchess was of Prince Charles. The reason? To capture and exploit royal power & royal patronage to place a royal mistress or favorite at the center of power.”


I bought this book in May during my trip in London, UK, from a shop with souvenirs near Tower of London. Of course I was attracted by the few books that were in that shop so I bought this one.

It is a good reading if you want to know more unsaid secrets about the royal family. The book tell us how each of them, women or men, chose to marry or to have nonmarital relationships meant to provide them a good place in the high world.

It also talks about the several members who had intimate relationship with other men.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to read a spicy piece of history. It is easy to read and well contoured.

Rate: 9/10

The end!

I hope you liked my review and you will come back for the next ones!



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