What Happened with Rose by Helga Zeiner


Publication Date: 27 October 2016

Product description:

A mystery so shocking it needs to stay hidden

Carola’s life is perfect – or so it seems. Her husband, her friends, her staff don’t see the emptiness of a loveless existence. Every day is the same, until the day when she has enough. Without warning she leaves her home country of Germany to start a new life in the Canadian wilderness.

But she is not equipped to handle the hardships of a lonely existence in a remote cabin. A five-day snowstorm brings her close to her breaking point. Searching for means to survive, she discovers the written confession of the previous cabin owner who wants to clear his conscience by admitting to a terrible sin he committed involving a girl called Rose.

When the storm subsides, Carola begins to ask questions but nobody is willing to talk. Nobody wants to tell what happened to Rose, but Carola becomes obsessed with finding out the truth.

Will Rose finally get justice? If you love mystery and suspense, with an added romance bonus, this new novel by an Amazon bestselling author will keep you turning the pages all night long.


I’ve read this book thanks to Netgalley.com from where I got it for free in return of an honest review. 

But I still don’t know what I feel about it. To be honest I think that the description is a bit ‘overestimate’ for what the book is actually. Indeed she choose to leave her husband and her life she had in Germany, she moves in this old and solitary cabin. There she finds a journal written by an man named John McLure in which he wrote about his life beside his three sons and his ‘adopted’ daughter.

* Extract from the book:

 “I will take my secret with me to my grave. Whoever reads
this shall be the judge if the terrible sin I have committed shall be exposed
for all the world to know or if I will be granted eternal peace.”

After she learns about their life and about Rose’s tragic fate, Carola decides to find what happened with Rose and to write a book about this story. In description says that ‘nobody is willing to talk’ which isn’t true. Nobody knows who is Rose or what happened with her. But with the help of two new friends that she’s made during her research, Carola succeed to find everything. 

The story is good. I found it as been a mix between mystery and love. What disappointed me again was the fact that i couldn’t really make a good impression about Carola. First she seemed to be the cheated wife who chose to divorce, and then, few days later, she’s in love with someone else. My personal idea is that her trust on men should be damaged but instead she gets over it very quickly. But that was the author’s choice and I have to respect it. 

Overall is a good book but I can’t give a higher rate. 

Rate: 7.5/10

The end!

I hope you liked my review and you will come back for the next ones!



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